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Do Tragus Piercings Help with Headaches?

Many people across the globe are of the opinion that stimulating the vagus nerve by tragus piercings can help relieve headaches, especially migraine pains. Some people have revealed that tragus piercings on the side of the head have helped relieve pain on the same side.

However, no concrete scientific evidence has been found to support such claims. In this article, we shall discuss how tragus piercings or other types of piercing may be beneficial in relieving headaches on the side of your head and reducing migraine frequency as well.

Tragus vs Daith piercing for migraines

Tragus piercing

Tragus piercings and Daith piercings have been mentioned on some popular online forums as unconventional forms of treatment for migraines or severe headaches. Before delving further into the topic, let us understand what are Tragus and Daith piercings respectively.

While Daith piercings are located on the crus of the helix above your ear canal, Tragus piercings are located in the small ear cartilage flap covering a part of your ear canal. Both Tragus and Daith piercings can be done in single or both ears.

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Daith Piercing

It is believed that these piercings can be alternative treatments for migraine headaches as the vagus nerve extends to the Daith and Tragus.

However, no scientific evidence has come to light to date to support the use of Daith and Tragus piercings as potential treatments for migraine pain by vagus nerve stimulation. No anecdotal evidence of this effect has been discovered yet.

However, Tragus and Daith ear piercings come with potential risks:

  • Ear cartilage is small and curvy, it can be tricky to pierce the same
  • The process can be painful and the healing process can take longer
  • Risks of infection or an allergic reaction always exist and this can worsen migraine pains.

It is advisable to go for stainless steel piercings to avoid complications.

Can a tragus piercing cause migraines? 

Headaches or migraines are not among the common side effects of piercings. However, there is some scientific data to suggest that Tragus piercings can cause migraine headaches and related health conditions.

Anecdotal evidence reveals that migraine pains are not an unusual side effect of tragus piercings. Migraine headaches can be caused due to pain and discomfort caused by the piercing. This is true, especially for piercings on the cartilage area of the ear.

Rook piercing for migraines 

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Rook Piercing

Your ear’s topmost ridge’s inner edge is pierced by a rook piercing. It is one level up from a Daith piercing and is located in front of the ear canal part of the ear. The majority of people get rook piercings purely for body adornment, much like other body piercings.

According to auriculotherapy (ear acupuncture) practitioners, rook piercings can reduce stress and ear piercings offer therapeutic advantages. A rook piercing, which is done in an uncommon location, focuses on the pressure point that is meant to primarily lessen migraines while also helping with stress alleviation.

Does a rook piercing hurt more than daith

Because they are cartilage piercings, both types cause some pain. But for many people who have both a rook and a daith piercing, the rook piercing hurts more.

A daith piercing often recovers more quickly, with a healing time of around 6 to 9 months. The healing process for rook piercings can take from 6 to 12 months.

Tragus piercing for migraines reviews

Recently it has come to light that piercings are not just for fashionable purposes or for flaunting on social media. They may have other health benefits too, such as migraine treatment.

It was found that Tragus piercings can act as alternative treatments for migraine pain. However, only anecdotal evidence has been found so far to support claims that such piercings can aid in headache relief.

Some persons who complain of headaches on one side claim that getting their ears pierced on that side has advantages. Daith and tragus piercings, which include the same points that acupuncturists stimulate while treating migraine pain, are perceived by some as more long-lasting variations of acupuncture.

Ear piercing for migraines and weight loss

Some piercings, especially Daith piercings, are said to help with left-sided migraine pains and even weight loss. This is mainly associated with acupuncture therapy. Daith piercings are said to stimulate the vagus nerve region and may act as alternative therapies for migraine.

Some believe that Daith piercings can also help in weight loss as there are some acupoints in the ear corresponding to the stomach region. Apparently, stimulating those acupoints can help feel satiety and reduce the quantity of food intake.

Although these effects of piercings are theoretically possible, no concrete evidence for the same has been discovered so far.

Tragus piercing benefits 

There is some evidence to suggest that tragus piercings have a lot of health benefits, including weight loss and providing relief for headaches. Here are some of the key benefits of Tragus piercing:

  • Tragus piercings can aid in acupuncture therapy to provide relief from pain signals during migraine headaches
  • Acupuncturists contend that pain can be reduced through the stimulation, realignment, and modification of your body’s pressure points, nerve endings, and electricity
  • People who have piercings for the purpose of treating migraines think that by pressing on the daith or tragus, they can achieve vagus nerve stimulation

What does a tragus piercing help with?

The American Migraine Foundation suggests that around eighty percent of patients suffering from migraine headaches have opted for alternative treatments for migraine relief and related medical conditions.

Tragus piercing is one of these methods. The longest of the 12 cranial nerves, the vagus, may be stimulated by the tragus piercing. It transfers a ton of information back and forth between your organs and brain.

Acupressure has produced positive outcomes, making tragus piercings seem promising. According to studies, acupuncture in the same region as the tragus piercing was effective in treating chronic migraines and tension headaches. However, no scientific research by migraine specialists has been conducted to date.

Do tragus piercings help with anxiety? 

Even though there is no scientific proof to support it, many people believe that getting a tragus piercing can aid with anxiety.

Tragus piercings are believed to operate on the same principles as acupuncture, which uses tiny, sterile needles to stimulate “acupoints” on the skin. By stimulating the acupoints, it is claimed to enhance biological processes and natural self-healing.

How painful is tragus piercing? 

Because more pressure is used to force the needle through the cartilage of your ear, tragus piercings typically hurt more than earlobe piercings. However, this discomfort usually goes away within a few minutes.

A tragus piercing often registers about a 4/10 on the pain scale. It might be challenging to keep the tragus clean during the healing process. This is important to avoid the risk of infection.

Does a tragus piercing help with weight loss?

There have been numerous rumors that tragus piercings may help in weight loss. Unfortunately, that’s all they are- rumors.

Although it is believed that tragus piercings can stimulate acupoints to reduce appetite and thereby aid in weight loss, there hasn’t been any scientific evidence to prove it.

FAQ relating to do tragus piercings help with headaches

Although many claims have been made regarding the potential benefits of tragus piercings in treating headaches, there is not much research to support such claims. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the same.

Why do tragus piercings relieve headaches?

It is believed that the positioning of the tragus piercing corresponds to the vagus nerve ending and is, therefore an acupoint. This, in turn, provides relief to migraine patients in case of chronic headaches.

However, there is only anecdotal evidence to support this theory. It might also be a placebo effect.

Doctors have only commented on the placebo effect of using tragus piercings as alternatives to medication for migraines. There is a need for more scientific research to prove the efficacy of such piercings in treating symptoms of migraine, chronic headaches, and migraine pains in general.

What piercings help with headaches?

Piercings in the cartilage region of the ears apparently help in the treatment of migraine pains. Piercings like the Daith piercing and Tragus piercing are helpful in treating migraine headaches. By stimulating the vagus nerve region, these piercings may act as alternative treatments for migraine.

Do tragus piercings stop headaches? 

To date, there has been no concrete scientific evidence to suggest that tragus piercings can stop chronic migraine headaches. Some people have reported the beneficial effects of tragus piercings in treating migraines through acupuncture.

So, it is safe to say that while tragus piercings may relieve headaches in certain cases, they do not entirely stop chronic headaches or other migraine symptoms.

What does the tragus piercing help with? 

Tragus piercing has been a popular cartilage piercing for years now. Apart from looking gorgeous, tragus piercings also help in stimulating the vagus nerve end and thereby, reducing migraine pains.

Some people also believe that by stimulating acupoints corresponding to the stomach, tragus piercings can reduce appetite and consequently aid in weight loss. However, there is no proper research to support the claims that tragus piercings reduce headaches or cause weight loss. So far, it is only a placebo effect.

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