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Do showers help headaches?

Last updated on November 28th, 2022 at 11:46 am

Whether showers help headaches depends on the kind of headache, and it’s cause. Keep reading to find out if showers could be helpful to you…

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One of the best ways to get relief from a headache is to take a hot shower. Taking a hot shower is a form of heat therapy that delivers moist heat to your head region proving relief from pain.

When you take a warm shower, it can help in preventing pain signals from travelling towards your brain. This can help in getting relief from pain, and it also helps soothe the muscles.

A shower can help you relax, and it goes a long way in helping you get a relief from a headache. But there are exceptions. While hot showers help some people, there are others who are benefitted by cold showers.

Do Cold Showers Help Headaches?

Hot showers work as heat therapy and help in providing relief from the headache pain. But what about cold showers? Do they help?

The usefulness of a cold shower entirely depends on the individual. While some people benefit from heat, others get the same benefit from cold.

There are two ways of doing this. One is to apply an ice pack on the head to get relief from pain. The other is to take a cold shower to achieve the same result.

Experts believe that a cold shower can offer an anesthetic effect. It can make the blood vessels in the head to constrict.

This helps in reducing the perception of pain. It also reduces any swelling that is causing pain.

do showers help headaches?

Hot or Cold Shower for Headache

Let’s make this very clear. Both hot showers and cold showers can be helpful for people who are having a headache. Both can lead to pain relief.

You can try out both options and see which provides you better relief. Hot showers are more common. Some people would find better relief from a cold shower.

You can try a contrast shower. Stand under cold water for around a minute. Then change it to hot for another minute.

Constriction and dilation of the blood vessels takes place due to the cold and hot weather. This can offer you various benefits including better pain relief during a headache.

Is It Okay to Take a Bath When You Have A Headache?

Taking a bath is considered a very good option when you have a headache. It helps you relax and offers relief from pain.

There are many benefits that a bath offers when you have a headache.

  • Firstly, it makes you feel good and helps you be relaxed.
  • A hot or warm shower is heat therapy that increases blood flow allowing you get relief from pain.
  • If you have a migraine, then a hot shower may worsen you nausea. In such a case, try out a cold shower. It can be helpful.
  • The steam in a hot bath can help you get relief from most types of headaches.
  • A scented bath using essential oils gives you extra benefits in providing pain relief.

How to Stop Headaches Immediately?

When you experience a headache, the pain can be debilitating. You may feel as though someone is hammering away at your head and be suffering from intense pain.

In such a situation, you will want to stop the headache immediately and get relief. Here are some measures that will help you stop a headache and get relief:

  • A hot shower is one of the best ways to stop a headache. Instead of a hot shower, you can also try using a hot compress or a heating paid to stop a headache.
  • Another option is to try out a cold pack. Use an ice pack on the affected area to get relief. You can even try a cold shower to get the same results.
  • If your headache is due to sinus problems, then you need steam. Either a steamy bath or steam inhalation can help you stop the headache to get relief.
  • Sometimes bright light and noise can worsen the headache. Go to a quiet room that is dark. You can cover your eyes and rest for a while to get relief.
  • Drinking water is helpful. When you are sufficiently hydrated, you can stop a headache.
  • A head massage is a good way to get relief from pain.
  • When the pain is too severe, and you want it to stop immediately, try medications. OTC medication can provide immediate relief but must be taken only during serious pain and not regularly.
do showers help headaches?

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Why Do Hot Baths Give Me a Headache?

A warm or hot bath is a good way to get relief from a headache. However, there are some people who are adversely affected. A hot bath can end up giving them a headache.

The reason you are getting a headache has nothing to do with the heat. It has to do with how your body is responding to heat.

When you are exposed to heat, your body can become dehydrated. This can give you a headache. The excess heat can temporarily lower your blood pressure, which can cause a headache and dizziness.

Migraine and Baths or Shower

A bath or a shower is generally considered helpful for migraine sufferers. For most people, a hot bath would help in reducing the pain.

It is important to ensure the water is at the right temperature. Too much hot water can increase the pounding sensation. If it is too cold, some people may get a worse headache.

Showering is heat therapy and hence helps in reducing pain. If you are experiencing symptoms like nausea, then it may be advisable to wait for the symptoms to reduce before showering.

How to Avoid Headache After Bath?

This entirely depends on your body’s response to a bath and there can be no general answer to this question. Each person’s body behaves differently and you need to follow your body’s needs.

If hot water causes a headache, then use lukewarm water. Similarly, if a cold bath results in a headache, have only warm baths.

If you are experiencing a headache after a bath, then you can reduce the time for which water falls on your head. This can prevent a headache after your bath.

Another helpful tip is to blow dry your hair after a bath. This can prevent your head from being wet, which can cause a headache.

How to Relieve Headache?

As explained in the above video, massage is a good way to get relief from headaches. Acupressure is an alternative healing method where massaging pressure points can help in getting relief from health problems.

Acupressure can be helpful in getting relief from headache. Apart from an acupressure massage, a general massage to the head and neck can help relax tightened muscles. This can provide relief from headache.

Apart from a massage, some other ways to relieve a headache are:

  • Ensure you get sufficient sleep, since lack of sleep can worsen the headache.
  • Avoid alcohol since it worsens your headache.
  • Practice taking deep breaths. It can help you feel relaxed and this can reduce your headache symptoms.
  • Try to be stress-free and avoid stressful situations.
  • Hydrate yourself by drinking sufficient water or other fluids.
  • Some people may find drinking coffee helpful. Consume caffeine only if it does not worsen your headache.

Faq Related to Shower and Headaches

Most questions related to showers and headaches deal with the effect of heat and cold showers on a headache. Go through the questions and answer below to get your doubts clarified.

Should I Take a Shower if I Have a Headache?

Most people would benefit from a hot shower when they have a headache. A shower using warm water can help you relax. It also prevents pain signals from reaching the brain.

This can help you get relief from a headache. Some people prefer a cold shower as it helps them. In general, when you have a headache a shower should help you get relief.

Do Hot or Cold Showers Help Headaches?

Some people benefit for a hot shower while others benefit from a cold shower. It depends on how your body responds to the shower. You can try taking a hot shower when you are having a headache.

If it does not help, then try with a cold shower. You can try varying the temperature of the water to see if it helps you.

You will be able to find out this out by trial and error. Try bathing with water of different temperatures and see if it helps your headache.

This will help you decide the right temperature at which you should take a bath. If you suffer from sinusitis, then only hot or warm weather may help.

Will a Shower Make My Headache Worse?

It is unlikely that a shower will worsen your headache. This can happen only if your body responds differently to heat. In such a situation, a hot shower can worsen your headache.

If you are having a sinus headache, a cold shower may worsen your headache. Similarly, some people with migraine may experience worsening of symptoms if they take a shower.

Such cases are rare. You should avoid a shower only if you have experienced a worsening of a headache before. For most people, showers do not make their headaches worse. 

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