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Can a breakup cause headaches?

Last updated on January 17th, 2023 at 02:33 pm

Can a breakup cause headaches? Not all headaches are physical, and some do have emotional or physchological roots, which may or may not be easy to figure out…

Are you aware that typically a fortnight before Christmas Day is the time when most couples split? Any breakup, irrespective of whether it took place after some years of marriage or a short fling, can take a severe toll on your health and emotions.

Headaches after a breakup are a very common phenomenon.

Physical Symptoms of a Breakup

It is not quite clear why heartbreak has an effect on our bodies, but it does affect us, and the result can be extremely debilitating. A breakup may lead to several physical symptoms, such as

  • Changes in appetite
  • Headaches
  • Stomach pain
  • Weight gain/weight loss
  • Overeating
  • A general feeling of being unwell
  • It can be a tricky balance to treat the effects of a breakup while enabling the other person to grieve for their split. Some emotional reactions or symptoms of a breakup are as follows:
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Withdrawal symptoms

Can a Breakup Cause High Blood Pressure?

When a person deals with the shock of a sudden breakup, it may lead to their blood boiling. A common side effect of a breakup is high blood pressure, which many people experience.

Our primary stress hormone is called Cortisol which is the prominent cause of suffering from high blood pressure. When a breakup happens, the cortisol level goes up, leading to a higher heart rate and blood pressure.

When a person has stress, cortisol is a handy chemical. If the brain has cortisol at a high level, it transmits signals to important groups of muscles.

When the muscles get these signals, they tense up and gear up to react to the threat either by flight or fight. The response swells up these muscles and leads to stiffness and headaches.

You feel as if your heart is getting squeezed. This causes the muscles to swell, giving rise to headaches, stiffness, and that awful feeling of your heart being squeezed.

As our mind and body have to bear a lot during the stage post-breakup, we are more susceptible to suffering from high blood pressure. High blood pressure is associated with disturbed sleeping cycles.

The condition also increases the chances of strokes and heart attacks. Select a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet and meditate regularly to reduce your pressure.

Do not stay alone and spend your time with close family members or friends.

Can Breakup Cause Acne

Yes, your skin is more vulnerable to breakouts or acne after a breakup. However, heartbreak is not the sole cause of acne.

There are many other factors, including weather, especially where the climate hardly changes. It has been observed that even people who do not have acne may have skin issues after a breakup.

Physicians recommend that such people should relax as much as possible after their split to avoid having acne.

Can a breakup cause headaches?

What is a Depression Headache?

Headache is a throbbing, uncomfortable, sharp pain, which originates in several locations of the head and is quite a common occurrence. Many people all over the world have tension headaches

On the other hand, if a headache is associated with depression, there might be other chronic problems as well. At times, depression may lead to headaches apart from other aches in the human body.

Studies have also demonstrated that a strong correlation exists between mental health disorders and tension headaches. These mental health disorders include anxiety and depression.

It is imperative to understand the symptoms and causes of depression headaches. That’s because it can result in better preventive actions and more full-proof treatment.

As headaches can start at any time of the day, these can leave the affected people unprepared and unpredictable. A depression headache is linked to migraine and tension.

Whether the headache is leading to your depression or the reverse is true will depend on how frequently you are having those headaches. However, it can be tough to determine.

If a person has daily headaches linked to stress and muscle aches, these can be depressive symptoms. You can have headaches if depression is the underlying condition.

Depression causes secondary headaches, which are usually tension headaches.

How to Stop Feeling Sick After a Breakup

While love is hurtful, a breakup can be a greater torment and can hurt more than emotional pain. Did you go through a highly emotional breakup?

Researchers claim that it can hit your immune system severely. With time, people start recovering.

However, the recovery time will depend on how long a person keeps thinking about their ex-partner. If a person feels happy or relieved after the relationship ends, there is a lesser chance of a negative impact on their immune function.

Are you keen on shielding yourself from all types of breakup-inflicted conditions? It is important to spend more time with your dear ones (friends and family members).

Many experts insist that it is important to have good interpersonal support from other people after a divorce or heartbreak.

Why is There a Pit in My Stomach After a Breakup?

Having a pit in the stomach is also a common phenomenon observed in many people going through heartbreak. They have the sensation early morning after getting up.

Sometimes, they do not feel it but it comes back at times. This is another condition one may go through after their split from their loved ones.

Name Some Psychological Effects of a Breakup

A breakup or divorce is linked to a reduction in life satisfaction and a surge in psychological distress. We cannot sugarcoat that it can be quite difficult to deal with breakups after the end of a relationship.

Today, more people are resorting to psychotherapy to cope with a number of psychological issues after they split from their partners or spouses. So, apart from physical symptoms like acne and loss of appetite, there are other severe consequences of a breakup. Some of these are:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Withdrawal symptoms
  • Self-deprecate
  • Cravings and obsessive thoughts

Faq Related to Breakup and Headaches

What leads to headaches after a split or divorce?

During a breakup, the brain pumps out various stress hormones, such as epinephrine and cortisol. These hormones can lead to tense muscles, tummy troubles, and severe headaches.

Can heartbreak lead to a headache?

Interestingly, heartbreaks are quite debilitating. If you have had heartbreak recently, you may suffer from changes in appetite, weight gain/loss, excess eating, stomach pain, and last, but not least – headaches.

How can heartbreak affect the human brain?

If we are separated from our lovers through a divorce or breakup, our brains can become disoriented and confused. Since the person resided in our neuron connections, people expect to hear them, touch them, feel them, and see them.

How can I stop mourning after my breakup?

Check out the following ideas to support you after your split:

  1. Keep engaged
  2. Give some space to yourself
  3. Speak to your family members, elders, and friends as they can support you during this tough time.
  4. Take some time out to relax
  5. Avoid the intake of drugs and alcohol to cope with the pain
  6. Give some time


What Happens to Your Brain When You Break Up?

Can a breakup cause headaches?

Image Source

Whenever we love a person dearly, they occupy a space in the limbic or emotional center of the brain. Your loved one’s thoughts physically reside in the synapses and neurons of the brain and live in nerve cell pathways.

If we lose that special person due to a divorce or breakup, the brain gets disoriented and confused. We expect to hear the person, see them, touch or feel them all the time.

If we cannot speak to them or hold them the way we did previously, the location of the brain where they stay gets inflamed, looking out for them.

Can You Get Physically Sick From a Breakup?

Many people after their breakup suffer from an ailment called a “breakup cold”. That’s because the stress due to the breakup sends panic signals to the affected person’s body.

The panicked body may not be strong enough to fight the germs, making the person sick or unwell. Two stress hormones usually spoil the immune system of the affected person.

These are cortisol, and adrenaline, as we discussed before. Adrenaline is a hormone responsible for keeping us anxious and causing insomnia.

How Does a Breakup Affect Your Body?

Any person who has gone through the ordeals of a break-up will not shirk from stating how hurtful the process is. You cared for a person more than anyone else on the planet, but he/she tells you that they want to end the relationship or marriage.

You may feel the entire universe is falling apart. Breakups can have a significant effect on the bodies.

For instance, there is a real condition called broken heart syndrome, with painful and serious symptoms. Studies have also exhibited that the stress of a breakup may cause sore muscles, headaches, acne, and loss of appetite.

How Long Does It Take to Truly Get Over Someone?

There is no fixed time to get over your ex. Some people may take 6 weeks to recover, while others may take 90 days. There are others who do not recover at all.

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