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Are hot showers good for headaches?

Last updated on November 28th, 2022 at 11:42 am

Are hot showers good for headaches? Individuals vary, but many headache sufferers find them to be particularly helpful for certain types of pain…

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If you are a person prone to headaches then hot showers can work as heat therapy for you. Doctors believe that a hot shower is the best heat-related remedy, you can use when suffering from headaches.

They say that a warm shower prevents pain signals from moving to the brain. In addition, a hot shower has a tendency to increase the level of blood flow that will ultimately help your muscles to relieve tension.

Let’s see some questions people come across when it comes to headaches.

Hot or Cold Shower for Headache?

A hot shower can be a good idea if you are suffering from pain. It can cure your pain arising from headaches and can make you feel relaxed.

You have to make sure that water covers your entire body. But if you are suffering from migraine along with nausea then a hot shower can make you feel worse.

In such a scenario a cool shower can do wonders for you. It can drop the feeling of migraine and nausea and can also refresh you up to a certain extent.

A cold shower stimulates the immune system, reduces tension in the mind, and prevents you from getting cold. On the other hand, A cold shower reduces tiredness and relieves you of nasal congestion which in turn can reduce headache.

Do Cold Showers Help Headaches?

A cold shower can certainly help to reduce headaches.

  • Researchers think that taking a cold shower reduces the amount of blood flow to the carotid artery that carries the blood to the neck.
  • This helps to minimize the inflammation that happens in the brain, which ultimately helps to reduce the pain of migraine. But, in case, you have stiff muscles you should not go for a cold shower, it can harm you badly.
  • In addition, a cold shower closes the pores of the skin and because of this unnatural oils, germs and other kinds of dirt remain on the skin.

Is it Okay to Take a Bath when you have a Headache or Migraine?

Taking a bath can cure your headache that is frustrating you for hours.

According to some experts, the best way to get rid of a headache is to find some calm place to relax your muscles and soothe your burning head.

I think most of you would agree with me that when it comes to finding a calm place, nothing can replace a bathroom.

It is also a known fact that after taking a bath, it is much easier for most people to fall asleep. Sleep is something that everyone would welcome when it comes to headaches.

Another thing you can do is to add some Epsom salts to your water. Epsom salts have many health benefits. It can also work as a medicine when it comes to headaches and migraines.

Why do Hot Baths give Me a Headache?

Many people reveal that they experience moderate to severe headaches and even migraines after taking a hot bath.

A possible reason for experiencing headaches immediately after taking a bath is that your body demands an extra amount of water to make up for what your body has loosened when sweating.

Heavy sweating can lead your body to Dehydration which can welcome both migraine and a headache.

Another possible reason may be you don’t dry up your hair immediately after taking a hot shower. Have added some oils for aroma or scented perfumes that might not suit you.

You can easily get rid of this headache and migraine by taking a good sleep or by taking some analgesic drug when experiencing severe pain.

Are hot showers good for headaches?

How to Avoid Headaches after a Bath?

Headaches are a common phenomenon in today’s hectic life and almost every man and woman of every age are experiencing headaches.

Headaches are of many types and what causes you a headache might not cause a headache to others.

Now let’s see what precautions you can use to avoid headaches or migraines after taking a bath.

  • Don’t take bath with too much hot water. It can cause dehydration, and you can end up having a migraine or a headache.
  • Don’t mix any aroma oils or perfumes in your bath water that might not suit you otherwise, it can lead you to the path of headache. Before mixing any aroma oils into your bath water, consult your doctor.
  • Add some Epsom salt into your bath water. It contains magnesium that helps to get rid of headaches and migraines in most cases.
  • Dry up your hair immediately after taking a bath with a good hairdryer, especially in winters. In winters your muscles get stiffed much more easily and not drying up your hair can cause headaches

List of the Different Types of Headaches

Headaches are common in adults and a study says that over 75% of adults experience headaches every year. Headaches can sometimes be constant and sometimes dull.

There are over 150 types of headaches and are divided into primary and secondary headaches.

Primary headaches are the ones that happen not because of other medical reasons. Some primary headaches include:

  • Cluster headaches
  • Tension headaches
  • Migraine
  • New daily persistent headaches (NDPH)

Secondary headaches arise because of other medical reasons. Some secondary headaches include:

  • Headache because of Sinus congestion.
  • Headache happens due to a Disease of blood vessels in the brain
  • Headache because of High blood pressure (hypertension)
  • Headache because of Head injury
  • Headache because of Medication overuse
  • Headache because of some Infection
  • Headache because of Trauma or Tumor

FAQ Relating to Headaches and Hot Showers

Are hot showers good for headaches?


Is Hot or Cold Shower Better for Headaches?

Both hot and cold shower is better for headache. It depends on the particular person that what suites him.

Many people prefer taking cold showers while there are many others also who prefer a hot shower to relieve their pain. So it ultimately depends upon what suits you.

But still, you should have in your mind that a hot shower can be a good idea if you are going through a lot of muscle pain. A shower with hot water will relieve your pain arising from headaches and will make you feel relaxed.

In case, you are suffering from a migraine hot shower can make you feel worse than before. In such a scenario you should prefer a cold shower then a hot shower. It will drop the feeling of migraine and nausea and will also refresh you up to a certain extent.

So it applies from person to person whether his headache will be cured with a hot shower or cold shower. Still, if your headache does not get cured you should consider consulting a doctor.

Do Hot Showers make Headaches Worse?

Some people experience headaches and even migraines after taking a hot bath. This might be due to certain reasons.

  • A reason might be that your body gets dehydrated when exposed to high temperatures due to excess sweating. The second reason maybe you are using too hot water for bathing.
  • Another reason of hot shower makes your headache worse is that you are taking a hot shower when suffering from a migraine.
  • Remember, when suffering from migraine you should always go with a cold shower, not a hot shower.

Otherwise, a hot shower has the potential to do wonders for you when suffering from headaches and stiffed muscles. A hot or warm water shower can work for many types of headaches and in the case of sinus headaches, it will work the most.

Hot water when applied to the back of the neck can work as an amazing headache killer. The best way to apply hot water to the back of the neck is to take shower.

So I think a hot shower does not make the headache worse.

Are hot showers good for headaches?

What gets Rid of Headaches Fast?

These are the tips to get rid of headaches.

  • If you are suffering from a migraine take a cold pack or some ice cubes and place them on your forehead for 15 minutes. It will certainly help you to get rid of headaches. You can also consider taking a cold shower.
  • If you are suffering from a sinus headache taking a hot shower might be a good idea.
  • Relieve some pressure from your head by easing your ponytail in case you have too tight a ponytail or try not to wear any hat. These external things can also cause headaches.
  • Dim the light in case you already have headaches. Try to add yellow light to your computer and mobiles.
  • Try not to chew hard things and try to avoid oily foods as much as you can. These little things might cause you headaches.
  • Remain hydrated. Dehydration can cause headaches.
  • Drink some chai or coffee but only in a limited quantity otherwise, it can cause other types of headaches.
  • Try to do some yoga or stretching exercise. It will help relieve your muscles.
  • Try some massage. You can do it yourself or ask someone to do it for you.
  • Recent studies show that taking some ginger can also help you get rid of headaches.

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