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About us

Headaches are a common issue. After all, everyone’s had one at some point in their lives. The problem is that for some us, severe or chronic headaches can be debilitating.

When you suffer from them on a regular basis, they affect every aspect of your life, sometimes heavily impacting your relationships, hobbies and career.

This level of impact isn’t rare, either. According to some sources, migraines alone cause over 100 million lost days of work a year in the US.

Sadly there’s no easy cure, but one thing that’s certain is that getting to know all the factors that may cause or prevent headaches goes a long way in helping to deal with them. That’s why I started…

My name is Vicky Patterson and I’ve suffered from chronic headaches since childhood. I’ve literally had hundreds of days where this health issue has completely ruined my plans.

Workouts, meetings, vacations, bike rides, meals out with friends, yoga classes and just about everything else I like to do have fallen victim to the chronic headache curse at some point.

Somehow, I still managed to forge a career in admin and secretarial roles, which helped me discover how much I enjoy writing. Naturally, I decided to start a blog and combine my love of writing with the insight gained from a lifelong struggle against headaches.

This blog is for all headache sufferers, whether you’re afflicted with migraines, tension headaches, cluster headachesm or even those from an old neck injury.

I’m not a medical professional – and don’t pretend to be. My intention is to create a space to share information and research, both through the articles posted and the comments left by readers. In this way, we can hope to provide support for eachother in an ever-expanding resource.

Going forward, the goal will always be to improve this knowledge base, so don’t be afraid to comment or get in touch with your own experience.

Thanks in advance,